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Jutta Kaiser is a member of the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA), a Senior Signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA). She has exhibited in a number of solo and group shows including FCA Theme Shows where she earned numerous awards.
Jutta's work can be found in private and corporate collections in Europe and North America. Her work was included as props in movies and TV Shows such as "Catwoman", Battlestar Galactica, and recently the TV Series “Fringe”.

Aside from conducting various workshops for the FCA in 2011/12 she also mentored a group of disadvantaged youths (Take a Hike Foundation) in the Arts in 2011 and 2012.

As a frequent juror for the FCA, she was selected as one of the three jurors for the 2012 international “Painting on the edge”.

Originally from Germany Jutta arrived on Canada's shore in 1966 and quickly fell in love with what this great country had to offer. Her real involvement in the arts began in the late sixties when an enthusiastic pottery teacher captured and nurtured her exceptional sense of design and color. This resulted not only in the creation of her own studio but also in her being a founding member of a regional potters guild whose membership has now reached well beyond 200. Her love for nature and an inescapable desire to capture it, led her from clay into photography and ended in fine art which allowed her the freedom to add her own interpretation. 

Jutta has left her mark on the Vancouver Art Scene. While her often serene, semi abstract landscapes demonstrate her own style and palette, Jutta does not shy away from experimenting with- and developing new techniques to achieve her goal. Her tactile approach resonates throughout most of her work in the form of the multilayer-ed and textured backgrounds that bestow it that recognizable element.
 I let my Canvas speak to me. Any preconceived concept may well fall prey to an inadvertent change of direction my brush is taking.

"Experimentation with texture in mixed media gives me a chance to express landscape in an abstract way. My paintings are meant to encourage the viewer to interpret the various moods of nature."
 Jutta Kaiser.

Some of Jutta's awards include:

2012 SCA 44th Juried Exhibition Podmorden Papermills Gallery Toronto – Best Acrylic
2011 SCA 43rd Juried Exhibition Podmorden Paper mills Gallery Toronto - Award of Excellence
2010 FCA Spillsbury Bronze Award
2006 FCA Juried Show. Award of Excellence
2002 FCA Mixed Media Show, Award of Excellence.

2002 FCA Mixed Media Show, TinYan Chan SFCA

2001 FCA The Silver Emblem Award
2001 FCA Miniature Show (Alessandra Bitelli Award)

2001 FCA Water Media Show ( Award of Excellence).


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2016 Kurbatoff Gallery. Vancouver, BC
2014 Kurbatoff Gallery. Two Artists Show. Vancouver, BC
2010 Chemainus Theatre Festival BC
2009 AXIS Contemporary Art Gallery. Calgary, AB
2008 Lando Gallery. Edmonton, AB
2007 Kurbatoff Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2007 AXIS Contemporary Art Gallery. Calgary, AB
2006 Kurbatoff Art Gallery. Vancouver, BC
2005 Kurbatoff Art Gallery. Vancouver, BC
2004 Kurbatoff Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2003 Kurbatoff Art Gallery, Vancouver
2002 Aurum Argentum Gallery, Vancouver
2002 Portfolio Gallery, Vancouver
1999 Vancouver Law Courts


2011, POTE (Painting on the edge) annual juried international Show
2008 Splash. Live Art Auction. Vancouver, BC
2007 Splash. Live Art Auction. Vancouver, BC
2006 Splash. Live Art Auction. Vancouver, BC
2003 Marshall Clark Galleries, Tsawwassen ( two artists)
2003 FCA Gallery ( three artists)
2002 Portfolio Gallery, Vancouver ( three artists)
2002 Marshall Clark Gallery, Tsawwassen ( two artists)
2000 Vancouver Open Art Gallery ( two artists)

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