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Gerda Marschall skillfully interprets reality with poetry and passion in her internationally renowned paintings that are both elegant and energetic. An established Canadian artist, Gerda’s works evoke both visual fascination and joyful emotions in viewers and collectors alike. German born, Canadian artist, Gerda Marschall lives in Eastern Ontario on the Ottawa River surrounded by nature and the many gardens that she and her husband have created. This innate beauty serves as a constant inspiration for her work.

Although primarily self taught, she attended many workshops at the Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts and was greatly influenced among others by Canadian artists Seymour Segal, Marilyn Rubenstein, Sophie Jodoin and the late Philip Iverson. Their emphasis on expression, colour, movement and inner nature set the groundwork for her later work.

Ardent brushstrokes give her paintings an impetuous aura. Energetic bursts of pigment and bold strokes reflect her abundant energy and zest for life. Her oil paintings are a hymn of beauty and joy. Exhilarating or mild, always stimulating, Marschall celebrates the spontaneous energy of nature.

Gerda’s expressionistic landscapes and exuberant florals form part of many corporate and private collections both in Canada and internationally. She is also a noted philanthropist and generously donates her paintings and time to charity.


VGH and UBC Hospital Foundation, Vancouver, BC
Atari Corp. Sunnyvale California
Bernard Boileau Engineering, Gatineau, Quebec
Capital Bank of Canada, Montreal
Diana Carr, Attorney, Ottawa
Children’s Education Fund, Toronto
Cosmopolitan Fina Arts
Cruise Ship People, London, England
Dr. Chubb, McGill University, Montreal
Dr. Paul Dumas, Montreal
Dr. Peter Lipes, Montreal
Doran Contractors Ltd.
European Commission, Belgium
France Lord, Attorney, Montreal
G.G. Design, Laval, Quebec
Gestion DMD Inc.
Goliger’s Travel Plus Canada
Grimm Lights, Germany
Group Createch
Hanscomb Associates Inc., Atlanta, Georgia
Haywood Securities, Toronto
Heather Grant, Minister, World Trade Organization, Canada
Ippersiel Communication
Location Empress, Quebec
Lynn Gould Interiors, Ottawa
Marque d’Or, Quebec
Marquest Investments, Ontario
McCool Companies
Media-Link Communication, Quebec
McMaster University, Guelph, Ontario
Ontario College of Teachers, Toronto
Prisma Outremont, Montreal
Provident, On
Quadra Chemicals, Qc
RBS Insurance Canada
Royal Trust Energy Corp, Calgary, Alberta
Sharpe Communication Strategies, Montreal
Societe Nutrimont S.A. Montignac, France
Suno-Tech, Montreal, Quebec Techno-Parc, Pointe Claire, Qc Tele-universite du Quebec Valerie Rowley Interiors, Bolton Versentech, Montreal, QC Walton International Group, Toronto Wyant Co. Ltd., Montreal

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