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Valerie Raynard is a Vancouver-born artist whose work is inspired by humanity’s dramatic relationship with nature – a relationship both ecstatic and destructive which lies at the heart of our existence. Her fascination with the natural environment emerges in all her forms of self-expression.

Valerie began taking art classes at age thirteen, but is largely self-taught. Her artistic career has taken shape under the mentorship and teaching of local painter Ross Penhall.

With a B.A. in Economics from UBC and an MSc. in Economic Development from the London School of Economics, Valerie’s search to understand the world has led her somewhat circuitously back to her own creativity. Through the creative process she feels she can glean something of what can be understood about life.

Valerie’s art celebrates the beauty and complexity of the natural world and raises questions about humanity’s role in preserving the environment.

Doing artworks for environmental organizations such as the Forager Foundation and the Northern Spotted Owl Breeding Program of B.C. is part of her practice.

She lives and paints full-time in Lions Bay, B.C.

Solo Exhibitions

2015 Under a New Sky, Skylight Gallery, Vancouver B.C.

2016 Wild Wood, Silk Purse Gallery, West Vancouver B.C.

Group Exhibitions

October 2015 6th Annual International Representational Show, Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver B.C.

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