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Bella Totino has lived and worked all her adult life in Edmonton, Alberta. She completed the Advertising Design program at Grant McEwan College in 1977. In 1981, after several years of agency experience in Edmonton, Bella Totino joined Verne Busby in Totino Busby Design Inc., an independent design and illustration studio. Art and design talent at Totino Busby has attracted a wide range of clientele.

She has studied for several years at the Red Deer College Summer Series program. Over the years she has created works of art using a variety of media including cast concrete, silk screened fabric, cast plaster and glass mosaic as well as painted works in acrylic.

`In February of 2006 I attended a workshop in California and experimented with acrylics on wood panel. In my current work I have proceeded further in my exploration of this medium and I find it to be extremely exciting and thoughtful. I find myself intrigued by the layered application of form, colour and texture. And then through various methods of going back into the surface, I search for the original marks. I relate this to our attempts to retrieve memories in hoping to recall emotions. In my experience, what we remember isnít necessarily what actually occurred, but rather what our minds allow us see. This process reveals to me more than I could possibly have planned.`


Wimsey - a group show. Front Gallery, Edmonton, 2008
Hotel Art: New Works. Hotel Arts, Calgary, 2006
Lest we forget: Canadian Designers on War. The Works Visual Arts Festival Rice Theatre Lobby, Edmonton, 2005
Itís in the cards: Mystery of the Tarot. The Works Visual Arts Festival Rice Theatre Lobby, Edmonton, 2000
Good Night Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet: Works relating to the play,Walterdale Theatre, Edmonton, 2000

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