Paulina Tokarski

Paulina Tokarski, a self-taught artist hailing from central Poland, relocated to Canada in 1988. After college and establishing two successful businesses, she moved with her family from the West Coast to the Canadian Rockies in 2017, finding inspiration in the majestic outdoors of Invermere, British Columbia.

Her artistic journey began in her teens, evolving through acrylics on canvas and wood to experimenting with mixed media, particularly alcohol inks on aluminum composite, yupo paper, and wood panels. Paulina`s work has garnered attention through CBC radio feature and numerous exhibitions, with collectors in Canada and abroad acquiring her pieces. Paulina is currently represented by galleries in Invermere, Penticton, and Canmore, and she aims to expand her representation across Canada and beyond.

Nature serves as Paulina`s primary muse, influencing her art through its diverse beauty. An avid outdoorswoman and traveler, she finds creative inspiration in hiking, mountain climbing, skiing, and exploring the world's wonders. Paulina`s art offers a semi-abstract and abstract interpretation of nature, drawing inspiration from its organic colors and textures. Her creative practice is a sanctuary - a place of escape and immersion within her mind`s eye.

`I am particularly drawn to the enchantment of alcohol ink, my primary medium. The dance between alcohol and ink is a magical interplay, creating fluid, captivating compositions with rich colours and textures that seem to move even in stillness. Enhanced by acrylic paint and mixed media, my artwork gains depth and emotion, evoking a sensory experience.

Working with alcohol ink poses challenges, as a single drop can erase hours of work. This has taught me to embrace the unpredictable nature of the medium, finding beauty in the unexpected. Each piece is an extension of my surroundings, reflecting the beauty of the natural world and serving as a reminder of its sanctuary for the mind and body. My goal is to convey this marvel, inspiring others to cherish and appreciate the wonders of our environment.`
Paulina Tokarski.

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