Artists' Submissions
Thank you for considering Kurbatoff Gallery for representation of your work. We always look for interesting artists and review each submission.
We advise that you first familiarize yourself with our gallery by visiting our web-site and reviewing the works of our gallery artists. If you believe your work might be a good addition to our gallery, you are welcome to apply in the following way:

- E-mail us with your web-site address or attach five to seven images of your most recent work in jpg format with the description of every image ( including medium and size), your current CV and artist's statement. Attachments should not exceed 1.5 MB total.

- You can also consider mailing a CD with the images of your most recent work, your current CV, biography and artist's statement.

Please note that we do not return any postal material. Due to the volume of requests we receive every day, we are not able to reply to submissions. However, we will definitely contact you back in case your work is appropriate and timely for our gallery.

Thank you for your inquiry. We wish you success in your career.

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